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Visiting Maryland – What To See And Do

When people think of Maryland, they often think of the Chesapeake Bay or Baltimore. In fact, Maryland is a fascinating state. The state has many fun attractions and incredible scenery. The state is home to the Naval Academy and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the President’s hospital. Visitors can enjoy fresh blue crab, take in a baseball game or try the rides at Six Flags. No matter you and your family enjoy, Maryland is sure to make a great vacation destination.

Maryland also offers gambling including casinos and horse races. The state has some of the best casinos in the United States. One of the Triple Crown races, the Preakness is held in Maryland.

Maryland is home to the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens...

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Visit The City Of Germantown, Maryland And Enjoy Some Unique Restaurants

Have you ever eaten a German restaurant before? These establishments serve sausages and all kinds of great food. German food is good for sure. For this article on the state of Maryland, we are going to take a trip to a city called Germantown. It jumped out at me so I thought we would go there next. Let’s see what special restaurants they have awaiting for you and your family in Germantown, Maryland.

Germantown, Maryland may only have 144 restaurants, but there are some good ones. Yuraku is on Frederick Road, and we are talking sushi, seaweed, salads, salmon and more. Each of the top five restaurants in this city are so unique that it is almost mind blowing. I kind of figured that would be the case in a city called Germantown...

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