Marijuana in bedroom closet discovered in Forestville

Photo courtesy of PGPD

FORESTVILLE, Md. (WJLA) — Police say it all began at the Regency Pointe Apartments, where they approached a suspicious car in a parking lot – and found pot and crack inside.

According to police, the girlfriend of the man in the car let them search the couple’s apartment, and that’s when they found about $5,000 worth of marijuana growing in the bedroom closet.

Neighbors are shocked, and the suspect isn’t talking or defending himself, shutting his door on our reporter when asked questions. Police say he is facing a number of charges, including drug possession and manufacturing.

Residents living near the alleged "grow apartment" were nervous about going on-camera, and one man we are not identifying says that pot has been a huge problem, along with other crimes.

"It just keeps happening and it seems small, but it just adds up and adds up to a level of frustration where you just don’t know what to do yourself," he said.

Those outside the complex say it’s crazy that someone would go to the trouble of setting up lights and vents in a closet.

District Heights resident Chonell Stanley says, "If he would take that and apply it to some sort of job, he would make some money. Legal money."

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