Real Estate Storm Advice

Oh no, you are under contract and this storm just rolled through! There are a few things you can do to save you some headache later.

We had three home inspections scheduled this week, so we took time on Sunday to visit those properties and make sure that they had power. A proactive agent can save you time and hassle. If you have an inspection, make sure the power is on before everyone heads out there 🙂

Make SURE your agent does a final walk through with you prior to settlement. This should ALWAYS happen regardless, but make extra sure you do it if there was some crazy weather in between! The property should be just as you saw it during your home inspection. If anything has been damaged (in a normal situation) it should be repaired by the seller. When a home is under contract, the seller should keep their home owners insurance for things like this.

For those of you who are starting to build your wealth portfolio and have bought various properties… if any of them are vacant in a time of storms make sure to check on them. Sump pumps go out with electric (unless you are smart and have at least a small battery backup) which can allow water in the basement which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage!

Do not forget about calling your home owners insurance.. this is what it is for! they will likely want to see the branches and things as they are, so try to get an inspector out there before you start your clean up!


Thanks for reading, hope everyone stays cool and gets their electric back soon! we were some of the lucky few in Bowie that had our power just flicker on and off during the storm and it has been on since the storm stopped. Also, when you think your situation is bad, just remember.. it could ALWAYS be worse!!! 🙂

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