Visit The City Of Germantown, Maryland And Enjoy Some Unique Restaurants

Have you ever eaten a German restaurant before? These establishments serve sausages and all kinds of great food. German food is good for sure. For this article on the state of Maryland, we are going to take a trip to a city called Germantown. It jumped out at me so I thought we would go there next. Let’s see what special restaurants they have awaiting for you and your family in Germantown, Maryland.

Germantown, Maryland may only have 144 restaurants, but there are some good ones. Yuraku is on Frederick Road, and we are talking sushi, seaweed, salads, salmon and more. Each of the top five restaurants in this city are so unique that it is almost mind blowing. I kind of figured that would be the case in a city called Germantown. The German food I am used to eating comes from south Texas, but still, my experience was spot on. That doesn’t mean all the restaurants in Germantown are going to serve German food though of course.

Next up on the list is a place called Royal Bakery Bagel & Deli, and it is on Germantown Road. Serving up sandwiches, pastries, bagels and more, this establishment is known for its chicken salad. One reviewer jokes about having to choose between pastries and sandwiches. You might as well just have both, don’t you think? The pastry can be the dessert.

Dogfish Head Alehouse is up next, see what I mean. These names are so unique, and it isn’t just going to be the restaurants that make this place special. If you haven’t been to Germantown, Maryland, you can likely tell that you are going to have a wonderful experience full of things you haven’t quite enjoyed in the same ways. Dogfish Head Alehouse is located on West Diamond Avenue, and this establishment is serving up great eats like burgers, salads, crab dip and more.

One more Germantown restaurant is making the list for this article. It is The Green Turtle, and you can find it on Century Boulevard. This is pub food it appears, as does seem to be popular in the area. If you are like me, you are thinking that exploring a unique city like Germantown is going to be great. It might be the most unique place you have ever been to before. I’m telling you, those German cities, towns and villages are really something special.